EGT Slot Machines Manufacturer

The casino industry has evolved over the years and is one of the most successful ones. That is why there are many slot machine manufacturers worldwide. One of them is Euro Games Technology, more famously known as EGT.

Here is a complete guide for EGT that will help you.

History Of EGT

EGT came into being in 2002 when the company received a five-year license for distributing and manufacturing gaming equipment. Later that same year, they also released their first slot game.

By 2005, this Bulgarian company started expanding to Central and South America. Besides that, EGT was in its prime time from 2010 to 2020. They got various certificates, introduced new games, and expanded further.

Currently, EGT is on the list of one of the fastest-growing slot machine producers. In 2019 alone, they released six new models of slot cabinets. That is why they are a well-known and reliable manufacturer.

Top Characteristics Of EGT

Many characteristics make EGT one of the leading slot machine manufacturers. Here are some of the top ones:

1. Responsible Gaming Policy

As one of the best slot machine producers, EGT is compliant with user safety. The company is well-known for collaborating with customers, regulators, and much more to address the issue of problem gaming.

EGT has helpful policies to limit problem gaming and help people gamble responsibly. This has allowed them to ensure that their clients play recreationally.

2. Quick Response

The gaming industry is evolving continuously and fast. That is why it is essential for slot machine manufacturers to keep up with the trends. EGT excels in this matter and always has a quick response to any shift in the industry trends.

3. Legal Safety

EGT is a part of various organizations such as GSA, AGEM, BGA, and much more. Besides that, the company has acquired a vast range of certificates too. All this means that their products are compliant with all the requirements set by legal jurisdictions.

EGT Strengths

Here are some of the strengths of EGT to help you understand why they are one of the best slot machine producers:

1. Professional Team

EGT has a variety of employees and developer teams at its disposal. They are a valuable asset to the brand and offer ideas that allow them to produce cutting-edge slot machines.

2. Vast Product Range

Success only comes when you work hard for it. EGT understands this well, and that is why they have produced about 28 slot machines. Besides that, they have a vast range of games too. It is one of the reasons why they have grown so quickly.

3. Active Releases

One of the best things about EGT is that it is continuously evolving and strengthening. That is why they keep a goal of releasing new games and products every year. Hence, their collection never disappoints players looking for recreational slot machines.

Famous EGT Games

Below are some of the top slot games by EGT:

  • 100 Flaming Hot
  • 20 Hot Blast
  • 40 Lucky King
  • Emperor’s Palace

EGT Slot Machine Cabinets