IGT Slot Machines Manufacturer

Are you looking to buy new or used slot machines? If so, then it is essential for you to know the various manufacturers. IGT is one of the top slot machine producers globally.

Below we’ve detailed all that you must know about IGT. This information will help you get the best slot machines.

IGT: The Past

IGT was founded in 1975, and its original name was A-1 Supply. In, 1978 the company was renamed Sircoma. Finally, in 1981 the name changed to International Game Technology (IGT).

The company is one of the top slot machine manufacturers and a pioneer in the gaming industry. When it started in 1975, the annual sales of IGT were less than $3 million. However, by 1981 it rose to $61 million.

During its initial stages, the company did face some hurdles. However, IGT overcame them with the hiring of Charles Mathewson in the 1980s. He improved the company’s stock prices by double. To date, IGT is one of the top slot machine manufacturers.

IGT: Key Characteristics

Here are some top characteristics that have made IGT so popular:

1. Progressive Outlook

IGT has a progressive mindset when it comes to producing slot machines and games. They understand the importance of new gaming concepts, which is why they change their formula consistently. By introducing new patented games actively, IGT has earned a place in the hearts of gamers.

2. Collaborative

The company aims to create sustainable partnerships with its clients. That is why it looks out for opportunities to collaborate and build new relationships. In addition, IGT listens to its customers and offers them innovative gaming solutions for enriching the user experience.

3. Diverse And Inclusive

Diversity and inclusion are two essential things that allow companies to create value in the market. IGT has these qualities and is responsibly managing them. The company has a diversity and inclusion council to roll out innovative ideas.

Strengths Of IGT

Many things put IGT amongst the top slot machine producers. For instance, they have a solid cash flow that allows the company to get valuable resources. As a result, they are able to produce slots and games of high standards.

Besides that, IGT has a solid and diverse distribution network for its products. This is why they can reach the majority of its correct audience with ease. Not to mention this allows them to transition into new and potential markets without any issues.

Apart from that, consistency has enabled the company to achieve a high standard of quality. IGT automates its activities as per the market and consumer demands. This has allowed them to scale up and down with ease while keeping success in mind.

Famous Games Of IGT

IGT has a vast library when it comes to slot machines and games. Here are some of the fan-favorite choices:

  • Cleopatra: A game with space and futuristic theme
  • Wheel of Fortune on Tour: An adventure-themed slot game
  • Golden Goddess: A slot game with a good rate of payout

IGT Slot Machine Cabinets