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Estimates on Slots and Casino Games for Free

We want to make it easy for to get estimates on the purchase of used slot machines, casino games, and jackpot signs. That is why, when you choose to shop with Wisez Slots, you get a no-hassle, clear, and honest quote. This includes estimates on shipping to where ever you are in the world. 

It is quick and easy to get your free quote. For us to generate your free quote, all we need is your name, email, and where to ship your goods in addition to any number of manufacturers and product types you want.   

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We Ship to Anywhere by Any Means Necessary

We ship all of our slot machines, casino games, and jackpot signs all over the world by land, sea, or air. No matter where you are in the world, we can swiftly and securely deliver your order to you, ensuring your order arrives promptly and in great condition.  

International shipments by sea (shipping containers) are the most common method of delivery for most slot machines and casino assets. Our customer support team provides help on shipping throughout the purchase and order process. 

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Pre- and Post-Sales Customer Support

Wisez Slots’ Customer Support team is ready to help you complete your purchase order of slot machines, games, and jackpot signs from start to finish and beyond.  

Our team of international customer support agents are experienced in the industry, making them ready to answer any of your questions and assist you with any special requests and needs you may have. Your support does not end when you finalize the order – we are with you after the sale, throughout the shipment of your order, and for as long as you have the machine.