Shuffle Master

Shuffle Master Slot Machines Manufacturer

There are many best gaming tables producers in this world. One of them is Shuffle Master. It produces table games, shuffling machines, slots, and other casino items.

As a casino owner or a private player, you may want to buy gaming tables. You may also need new or used slot machines. If so, then it is always good to equip yourself with reliable information.

Below we’ve detailed everything about Shuffle Master.

Shuffle Master: Company History

Shuffle Master was founded in 1983 by a previous truck driver John Breeding. He aimed to solve the problem of card counters in casinos by introducing a mechanical shuffler. The company released the device in 1992, which was a success.

During the late 90s, the company shifted towards slot machine production. They also released a variety of games to complement the products. However, the venture failed, and so Shuffle Master sold it to another manufacturing company.

In 2004, Shuffle Master bought most of the assets of a table games developer called BET Technology. Since then, the company has been known for producing the best gaming tables.

The company returned to slot machine manufacturing with better goals and approaches in 2006. Six years later, they also changed their name to SHFL entertainment.

Currently, Shuffle Master is a part of Scientific Games, a renowned group that is home to various slot machine manufacturers.

Key Characteristics Of Shuffle Master

There are many values that Shuffle Master follows. Here are the top characteristics that have allowed them to achieve success:

1. Inclusivity

One of the best things about this gaming tables producer is that it’s diverse and has an inclusive team. This has enabled the company to be innovative and passionate about its casino items. That is why their products are reliable and worth buying.

2. Creativity

There are many gaming tables producers globally, so creativity is essential to stand out in the crowd. Luckily, all employees at Shuffle Master have a curious mind which allows them to produce great table games.

3. Integrity

Shuffle Master is a company that always offers transparency to customers. They operate with accountability, leading them to be one of the best table games and slot machine manufacturers. This quality also allows the company to produce games with honesty and unique design.

Shuffle Master Strengths

Many things make Shuffle Master a reliable gaming tables producer and slot machine manufacturer. Here are its top strengths:

1. Skilled Employees

One of the biggest strengths of Shuffle Master is that it has a highly skilled workforce. The employees are reliable and creative, so the company releases various table games every year.

2. Solid Portfolio

A brand’s portfolio plays an integral role in its future success and accurately measures its past ventures. Shuffle Master has a solid portfolio that reiterates that they are one of the best gaming tables producers. Over the years, they have released a variety of games and offer a great casino experience.

Famous Games By Shuffle Master

The company has produced various table games with time. All of them are of entertaining and have unique concepts. Here are some of the top table games by Shuffle Master:

  • Dragon Bonus
  • Blackjack Press
  • Ultimate Texas Hold’em

Shuffle Master Slot Machine Cabinets